MACH7 - Areas of Application

A high emphasis was put on standardization for future expansions. The original control system would be dismantled and carefully removed. Then, in the same place, the new MACH7 control system would be mounted and the field cable connected. Whether the original cables are all replaced or simply reused depends on their condition. Parallel to this there can be the addition or modernization of the field devices. All these things are dependent upon the objective of the retrofit. The objective could range from just a simple change to the control panel up to a complete modernization of the entire control system so as to completely automate the system to reach a new operating method.

The control panel is a standard unit that can fulfill many other kinds of tasks. This system is not limited to only General Electric gas turbines, but can also be applied to other manufactures or as a compact unit for the balance of plant equipment.

1-to-1 Replacement for GE Control Panel

Siemens control units of older generations

MACH7 - Functions


Philosophy and Logic

Hardware and Maintenance

Basic Functions

In addition to the highlights, naturally the MACH7 offers all the features of a modern control system. The following list gives an overview of its basic functions and is by no means complete. Below we are pleased to introduce to you the possible uses of the MACH7:


Software and Logic

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