ITS - Competency Center for Gas Turbines and Control issues

We are developing new Systems and Solutions for the automation and operation of Industrial Gas Turbines.

With our Turbine Monitoring System TMOS SCADA and our Turbine Control System MACH7, we have the resources to modernize Gas Turbines and increase their profitability. Equally significant are our premium class Flame Scanners which is guaranteed to increase the safety and reliability of your Gas Turbines.

Speedtronic™ Spare Parts and various high quality Turbines Hardware Components supplement our portfolio.

Advanced Turbine Monitoring System by ITS


Advanced Turbine Monitoring System by ITS. The human machine interface (HMI) solution specifically designed for the mission critical Power Generation Industry.

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Flame Scanner for Gas Turbines

ITS has been developing and producing Premium Class Flame Scanners for gas turbines for more than 16 years. Today we have a quality standard which remains unbeaten worldwide.

Boards for GE Speedtronic™ Gas Turbine Control Systems

Speetronic™ Spare Parts

We offer a multitude of new, unused or refurbished GE-OEM cards for Mark I, Mark II, Mark II-ITS, Mark IV as well as Mark V Speedtronic™ Turbine control systems.

Casings for Gas Turbines

Turbine Casings

We produce these parts based on individual requests. Our combined experience and knowledge in the field of gas turbines as well as our flexibility are just a few of the many advantages.

Spare Parts for Gas Turbines

Small Parts and Accessories for Gas Turbines

Often, small parts are hard to find. We have a large warehouse and many parts are readily available. In addition, we have good sources for these important parts.

Turbine Control System MACH7 by ITS

MACH7 Turbine Control

Retrofit turbine control system as a direct replacement for General Electric gas turbine control type. Be back to the state of the art within a short time.


Together with our international partners we provide engineering solutions, service, advice and support on issues relating to gas turbines world-wide. With more than a decade of experience in this field we make for a reliable and experienced partner for your business.

Our determination to provide quality products and services has given us a reputation as a company that can deliver on their promises.

If you have any  questions or requests, please contact us:

Fabriksplatz 1, 4662 Laakirchen, Austria

Information about our products you can find on the corresponding pages: TMOS SCADA, FLAME SCANNERGE Speedtronic Cards or MACH7