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Excellent article in the Power Magazin contributed by John Sprague, senior project engineer with Turbine Technology Services Corp., Orlando, Florida about considerations when upgrading gas turbine HMI.

MACH7 Gas Turbine Control System


Recognized as service specialists in the gas turbine control sector and process control engineering for General Electric heavy duty Frame 5,6,7 and 9 gas turbines, we were frequently asked if there would be a possibility to provide a modern control system for older General Electric gas turbines. Old electronic components were becoming increasingly expensive and difficult to obtain, causing the control system to become more vulnerable, therefore the maintenance effort grew and the availability sank drastically.

We should bring a control to the market that conforms to the German industry standards, uses standard industrial components, and can be completely integrated in an existing modern structure. Another developmental criterion was that of the spare parts. They should be available on short notice and could come from other spare part storages.

For these criterions, the components from Siemens were custom made for this application. We have invested a lot of time and energy in the control philosophy. We wanted to minimize the re-training process for the maintenance personnel and under all circumstances, follow the safety philosophy of the gas turbine manufacturer.

Our MACH7 is the result of the development of many years and is the only available and infinitely tested alternative to the original manufacturer. Today the MACH7 with its modular construction is not only the best alternative for GE gas turbines but also for other brands of gas turbines.